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SAG Awards 2020!

The best dressed was Jennifer Anniston!

Simple, yet stunning. Wonderful femininity. You momentarily think she’s lacking accoutrements, but then you realize that she just slays it, and nothing else is required. Breathtaking.

Also looking great were:

Leslie Bibb in August Getty Atelier:

Smashing! This is a wonderful gold leaf dress, and she is accessorized to a T.

Catherine Zeta-Jones:

Very good, though there are a few issues with fit, and the makeup is somewhat off. The earrings redeem the outfit.

Nicole Kidman in Michael Kors:

Iridescent! The shoe straps are a miss though.

Liv Pollock:

Refreshingly different and unique. Liv is working this extremely well… terrific poise and presence.

Scarlett Johansson:

Wow. The colour and shade of lipstick are absolutely spot-on for this dress. The earrings could have been better.

Dania Gulai in Thierry Mugler:

This really suits her.