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Grammys 2019!

The best dressed was Dua Lipa!

Stunning.   However, she seems mentally distracted, and not fully engaged with the moment to be radiant.

Also looking very good were:

Alicia Keys:

She’s still championing minimal makeup, and being a superb ambassador of that.   She looks perfect.  Her designer played a naughty prank on her though, with that hemline of her dress.

Tish Cyrus:

Genuinely well put-together.

Camila Cabello in Armani:

A bit plain at the front, but Camila carries it well, and the back showcases her curves well.   Lovely shimmering colour too.     The earrings are bang-on perfect.

Nazanin Mandi:

Nazanin is really rocking this outfit.   Exquisite.

Tori Kelly:

Solid, though a statement necklace would have been better.

Zuri Hall:

Wonderful, however these hues are difficult on the Red Carpet.   Succeeds… barely though.

Lady Gaga:

The planets must be in alignment or something, she’s made it to this list twice in a row. (Well actually, the last time she didn’t quite make it.)   Bravo, well done.   However, here it seems she is pining for her former self.

Honourable Mentions:

Heidi Klum:

She can often pull off the extravagant, as well (like here) the adventurous and quirky.   This is actually quite a difficult outfit, and on someone else may have been a disaster.   However the sequinned lapel is complemented by her long hair draped on the other side, and she is absolutely perfectly accessorized.

Jameela Jamil:

Good, though this seems incomplete without a pendant necklace.   Fascinating… carbon-fibre spaghetti straps.

Oh, what could have been:

Jorga Smith:

This was fabulous and original until her neck started getting attacked by the creature from the deep.